Our Communities are Hurting

A Letter from TreeHouse President & CEO

Our Communities are Hurting

A Letter from TreeHouse President & CEO

May 29, 2020


Dear TreeHouse friends,


TreeHouse is headquartered in the Twin Cities—and this week there has been violence and unrest happening throughout the Cities and surrounding area. This started on Monday night with the tragic murder of George Floyd and it has continued in the days since. Our communities are hurting. Our teens are angry and scared. Our staff and volunteers are angry and scared. 


The mission of TreeHouse is to end hopelessness among teens. Every teen matters, and every teen is lovable, capable, and worthwhile.


When we talk to our teens at TreeHouse, we often talk about feelings of hopelessness at the situational level. But systemic hopelessness also impacts our teens greatly. The unnecessary killing of George Floyd puts a spotlight on the feelings of hopelessness many of our teens, especially teens of color, face each and every day. 


Our heart breaks for our teens and for our communities right now. We are praying for George Floyd’s family, we are praying for our teens, and we are praying for our communities. We are in close contact with our teens and community partners, creating space to listen and support each other in the midst of pain and confusion.


We believe that the love of Jesus and justice will bring peace during this time of conflict. The vision that drives us every day at TreeHouse is for every teen to be rooted in the living hope of Jesus, unleashing untold potential in communities everywhere. 


We know we don’t have all the answers. But we are here for you and we are here for one another. We will not let hopelessness win. 




Tim Clark

President & CEO